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The Laptop Foundation

We assemble and deliver free laptop packages directly to entrepreneurs and students in African and Caribbean nations.

Our mission

The Laptop Foundation establishes a means for equitable redistribution of laptops for academic and business development purposes. We prioritize the importance of sharing and collaborating between nations to rebalance scarce resources, thus assisting in dismantling inequitable distribution structures. This foundation disrupts the current outdated charity model that perpetuates “the white savior complex.” Recipients receive laptops to expand their self-autonomy and sovereignty within their academic and business development.

Our Story

Johanna Mercedes and Isaac Kibet met at a tree planting camp in Hinton Alberta; while discussing their ambitions towards giving back to their communities, they realized they both shared a common mission. Independently they had both been planning a Laptop Foundation, Johanna, for entrepreneurs in Guadeloupe and Isaac, for students in Kenya. Instantly, they knew this would transform into a joint- collaboration. 

Isaac mentors and teaches high school students in Kenya. He specializes in academic tutoring, as well as motivation and empowerment. Isaac noticed that as students graduate into college and University a significant setback is not having access to a computer. Through his volunteer work at L’Arche Canada, he recognized the opportunity to collaborate with Canadian technology companies and bring laptops to Kenya.

Johanna works with entrepreneurs in Guadeloupe to assist them with start-up business development. She specializes in writing services. Through working with various entrepreneurs Johanna realized a common setback to business growth is the lack of access to laptops. She saw the potential to collaborate with friends and family to bring laptops to Guadeloupe. 

Johanna and Isaac have both received numerous requests for access to laptops. The team decided to merge their missions to provide free laptops to both students and entrepreneurs in African and Caribbean countries starting with Kenya and Guadeloupe. This is a special connection given the displacement history between African and Caribbean Nations, and Isaac and Johanna believe this mission further supports the reunion of ancestral roots and connection to healing.


The global pandemic of Covid-19 has now amplified the original need for access to laptops. Worldwide businesses have been asked to urgently transition to online services while students have been asked to transition to remote learning. Now more than ever the convenience of laptops is essential for competitive business structure and academic correspondence. This foundation strives to alleviate the challenges of limited start-up and academic resources and empower entrepreneurs and students to access, learn and grow with free laptops, modems and software subscriptions.

3 Easy Steps!

If you would like to Donate: 
1. Send in request: Donation Form
2. Donate laptop
3. Receive gratitude letter
If you would like a Laptop: 
1. Apply: 
Guadeloupean Entrepreneur Application 
Kenyan Student Application Form
2. Receive
3. Grow!

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