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Marché de Poisson

The Marché de poisson happens every day except for Sundays at the bord de pêche, in Saint-Francois. At this market, fishermen bring their fish to the fish booths where the fish are prepared and sold. Marceau (my dad)  works mornings at the fish market cleaning and skinning a wide variety of fish, octopus, stingrays, and edible mollusks that come in on local fisherman boats. His livelihood depends on preparing and selling fresh ocean products, he loves his job and being part of the local friendly atmosphere of the fish market. One of his favorite things is to share his knowledge with market visitors on the different types of fish, how to prepare and eat them, and give some background on where they’ve been caught by which fisherman. The market welcomes guests to the island, is a great place to get fresh seafood while showcasing as an important cultural and culinary element of the island.

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