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I work with entrepreneurs in the early start-up and business conception stages with business conception & writing projects.

A bit about me 🙂

Enjoying one of my favorite fruits papaya!

My name is Johanna Mercedes; I have an Environment, Business, and Entrepreneurship degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada. I have been fascinated and involved in entrepreneurship my whole life. I especially enjoy working with artists, artisans, health care practitioners, or business entities offering services that aim to uplift and empower creativity, expression, authentic connection, and meaningful work.

My strengths are making sense of business conception processes, listening, and bringing clear and concise structure to projects through writing. I am good at seeing the full picture, vision, and potential of a project and embracing the passion and conviction of those behind it. I write in a business professional way that includes human connection, relatability, and passion to channel start-up visions to physical form.

 My academic background has helped guide my business offerings, including a minor in entrepreneurship from the Conrad School of Business. Foundational courses for my practices include Foundations of Venture Creation and Entrepreneurial Strategy (crafting clear value propositions, business models and start-up processes, and business plan frameworks).  I have also completed The WOSEN Business Development Program, and have a great passion for creating literature and artistic expression. I have written and self-published two poetry books.

Over the years I have helped many clients actualize their business goals and visions and I absolutely love the work I do. I love seeing and feeling the passion of entrepreneurs and I love the excitement and relief and encouragement they feel when they realize it’s possible to bring these big dreams and visions to life in clear and concise ways, that people will understand. I love sifting through a good brain dump and pulling all the pieces to cohesion.

I would love to hear what creative projects and businesses you are currently dreaming up and ready to actualize or if I can support you with any start-up documents from executive summaries to business plans, grants, articles, blogs, and reviews. Feel free to book a consultation through my Calendly:

I welcome you to the journey of merging self-expansion and business development for optimal entrepreneurial success!

With  Love,

Johanna Mercedes

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